Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm A Brave Teacher and We're Moving Classrooms!

Everyday I'm a brave teacher. There are some days and weeks that require so much more courage! This is one of those weeks that is amazing on many fronts, but the amount of "stuff" requires huge courage.

On Monday I found out my classroom was being moved. I was not blindsided. I volunteered, but I found out on Monday that we were moving within the week. We've already started the move to a bigger airier classroom, and it's lots of work. Friday is the official move desks, switch lockers, drag boxes, etc. I'm also continuing to teach and grade. And, oh, yeah, I'm having more dental work done tomorrow. Did I mention I'm doing a 3 year old pirate birthday party on Saturday?

It's nuts! I'm surprisingly calm and completely exhausted and it's only Wednesday night!

What are the lessons for me?

  • 4th graders can get enthusiastic and ask about a million questions about anything!
  • This experience, just like all the others, is not going to be perfect and smooth, it's OK.
  • I'm not going to handle the experience or any other perfectly, and I'm still OK.
  • I always have a choice to be positive or negative.
  • The kindness and generosity of others is always amazing.
  • I can let go of stuff to make room for more life.
  • There is an end in sight to this very long week.
  • I can always practice yoga off the mat--just breath!
I'm sure there are lots more, too, but I'm too brain dead to focus!

I am so a brave teacher with amazing students, and we're moving to Room 14!

What's up in your brave little corner of the universe?

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  1. Good points, it's true, you do always have a choice to be positive or negative, I'm glad you choose to be positive as I try to do too!