Monday, October 1, 2012

I Choose Kindness

My students are on a Kindness Campaign this year.  They are practicing kindness.  {I wish more grown ups would do this!}

A little over a week ago my students made Kindness Wands.  This was a Friday afternoon Investigation where we expand or extend our learning or thinking.  This was a little twist on the great ideas of Patience Salgado's Magic Wand Project over at KindnessGirl.

Students made Kindness Wands with ribbon, popcicle stick, foam stars, and a label that says, "I choose kindness."  They made one for themselves, and then they made more for friends, siblings, and other kids.  Our goal is to eventually have one for every kid and adult in our school.

It's such a great little visual reminder to choose kindness in what we say and how we choose to treat other people.

My students are so empowered by the Kindness Campaign.

What are you doing that empowers your students?

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