Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What knocked your socks off this year?

Sometimes it's hard to know where to begin with something like finishing well. Sometimes for me, if someone can point me in the right direction I can keep going. If you're wanting to finish your school year well, this little video gives you a starting point--


My knock your socks off moment was a process. We wrote a little grant to get funding for a program for the 4th graders in our school, called KidScripts, through a local theatre, The Magical Theatre. The first program was about writing really excellent stories, and then the students wrote their stories. We sent them to the theatre, where they turned 2 stories into plays. Those 2 plays then made their world premiere in front of our entire school. The knock your socks off part was that one of my students who really struggles academically and socially had his story selected. It was amazing! It was great for him and his family, but it was also great to have all the other kids recognize his amazing talent. I don't think I will ever forget this. What was you knock your socks off moment of this school year? {I'd love to have you leave it in the comments below!}

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