Monday, June 13, 2011

Brave Summer Work

It's summer. I'm happy to have a more flexible schedule and more time with my little family. I'm also excited to be doing brave summer work on Brave Teachers. Here is a little sneak peak into what exciting stuff is in process:

I'm creating a little home office/studio space--really little-- 6 x 8
I'm getting ready for 2 sessions of The Art and Soul of Brave Teachers--it's going to be soooo good!
I'm finishing and polishing the ebook, No Magic Wand--it's going to be more than a book--stories, strategies, exercises!
I'm working on a FREE 6 week e-course--this will be out in mid July!
I'm working on some affirmation greeting card sets that will be available on etsy by the end of summer--with some of my original photographs with affirmations handwritten inside.

I can't wait to let you know when the projects reach completion. If you would like email updates, sign up here.

What are you up to this summer?

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