Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Trees Are Naked. . . Where Did Fall Go?

My son ran upstairs yesterday to make sure I looked out the window to see that it was snowing.  I was driving to a coffee shop this morning with the sun shining, and I realized that the trees were mostly bare.  It just seems like last week that I was waiting for them to change colors!

This begs the question, Where did Fall go?

It's gone into applying new laws and standards and evaluation systems in my classroom, acquainting myself with a new principal, being an inclusion teacher, having 28 precious 9 - 10 year olds counting on my best every single day for differentiated math and reading, wacky stories and life lessons, math fact night, student led conferences, and many more bits.

At home I've been mom to a preschooler who has had a tough time adjusting to preschool, speech therapy, and learning that life has "a lot of rules."  We are in the midst of applying to school for next year.  We are excited, and I'm nervous about the money.  {It's just money, right?}

In my free time I've wasted energy on feeling guilty that my house is NOT anywhere near organized or cleaned.  I've done some hiking and trips to parks with Sam.  I assembled the 3rd annual Brave Fall Retreat.  We celebrated and decorated for Halloween.  Can we do something besides a robot next year?  Now we have autumn decorations up for Thanksgiving.  We are already talking about when we are getting out the Christmas decorations.  I haven't painted at all in the past month, but I did go to Rust and Found and get a gorgeous winged wreath that's already on my door.  I've gotten to do a little yoga teaching.  I wish I could say my personal practice was stronger, it's not.

I'm worried that with all this running, life will just pass me by, and I won't even notice that the trees are naked.  I hope this is just a brief season.  I don't like that feeling that I will never be caught up.

Where did Fall go for you?