Reading Street 4th Grade Focus Wall and Notebook

Reading Street 4th Grade Focus Wall

Maybe someone else has done all this crazy stuff, but I couldn't find it. I made my own Focus Wall for Reading Street. It's still in process, but I'm uploading as I make something. I'm a plain vanilla/keep it simple type. You are welcome to fix 'em all up as you like. As soon as I have a chance to assemble it in my classroom, I will include pictures!

~I'm printing them on cardstock
~Cutting them apart
~Adding construction paper to the backgrounds

I really like using and interactive notebook for Science last year. I'm going to try one out in Reading and Language Arts this year.

Each student will use a 70 page spiral notebook. I have a plan for how I'm going to layout the notebook and labels for each section. I don't know if I'll use the labels--I'm worried it might be a lot of learning time cutting and pasting. I'll decide after I meet my group--I might just keep one master notebook in a 3 ring binder and use the labels for that.

I also think I'm going to use about 4 more pages in the writing process section to add organizers and such.

Here is my layout plan and labels:

Reading Street Notebook Labels