Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tales of This Second Grade Teacher

I haven't posted any school goodies here for such a LONG time.  I wanted to let everyone know that as of last month, I'm no longer a 4th grade teacher.  I am a second grade teacher!

It's been a fun and wild ride since learning I would be moving.  Although I've taught second before, it's been years, and I was a looping teacher back then.

So if you or anyone you know has some wise advice for a veteran teacher who is new to second, I'm open to advice.  I'm using Everyday Math 4th ed., Reading Street, and a variety or Science and Social Studies.  I am a Whole Brain Teacher.

I'm especially interested on input about a coteaching model of full inclusion of special ed--grouping second graders so that they can get the biggest bang from small group instruction and independent practice opportunities for both Math and Reading/ LA.  I'm also looking for FUN Science and Social Studies active learning units!

Thanks to all those amazing 4th grade teachers who have supported and encouraged me in the past!