Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Book Is Growing

Don't we all just see books and say, "I could have written that."  But the truth is we don't take or make the time to do it.

I'm in the process of writing a book about some of the bits of teaching that are nearest and dearest to my heart and furthest away from standardized testing--social and emotional education.  I would love to teach and have all of my students learn that it feels good to be kind!  And so many other parts of navigating our interior world so that we can successfully navigate the social world around us.

And then I thought this:  What if I could inspire and empower many teachers to teach these life skills to many more amazing students?

And so I'm here writing a book filled with the why and how to teach so many essential skills to students everywhere.  This summer I will be offering an online course for teachers who want to prepare themselves to be Brave Teachers.  I am also offering house retreats where you can work with me to put together materials for the upcoming school year.  You can invite your teacher friends and I will come to you with this transformational process.  I will also offer at least one retreat at my house this summer.  Email me if you want to get more details and be the first in the know.

You can read the first snippet over at Brave Teachers.