Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yoga Just For Girls

I can't even tell you how much I wished I had learned the basics of yoga as a child.  Stuff like breathing to relax or calm down before a test.  Moving the body to quiet the mind.  {As a child I thought my brain ran nonstop--always curious and wondering and questioning.}

Even more I wish I had learned some body acceptance as a child.  I think the course of my adult life and relationships would have/could have been very different.  Those are thoughts for another day.

I am pleased to present Just 4 Girls, a creative yoga program that centers around stories, games, and art.  Each session has a different theme.  The first week is strength. Follow weeks include:  peace, beauty, kindness, spoken words, and gratitude.  These skills lead to lifelong healthy habits.  We will play fun simple games, practice poses within stories, and create a project to take home.

The program is geared for girls in grades 1 - 5.  Girls are asked to bring a yoga mat or beach towel and wear comfortable clothes.  The program runs on Mondays, 6 - 7 p.m., September 28 - November 2.  We will meet at the Art Center on Tusc.  {571 W. Tuscarawas Ave., Barberton OH  44203}  The six session investment is $50

Registration is open HERE

If you have questions or would like to bring this yoga to your community group or school, email me.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Meet My Friend Will+Free Stuff

This is William Ulysses DotheRightThing.  His friends call him Will.  His whole mission in life is to teach kids how to act and react in life by asking the simple question:  WILL YOU DO THE RIGHT THING?

Will has his own Facebook Page!
He is also on Google+
{He is very social, and he is hoping for many more "likes" after his appearance here today.}

Will is the main character or star of a whole world of social/emotional learning materials geared toward elementary age children.  These materials can be used by classroom teachers, guidance counselors, scout leaders, religious educators, and anyone else who works with and cares about young people.

The main focus of Will U Learning is reproducible books that are copied on a single piece of paper but make a small 8 page book.  In each book Will U asks a question, and then he helps children learn.  Each booklet includes a one page lesson plan or learning guide with suggestions for how to expand the learning with talking, writing, creating, and doing.

Today, Will U want to share some FREE resources with every person who may be interested.

First he is offering the first book and guide in this series FREE over on Teachers Pay Teachers

Then he has a Guide for Using Will U Learning Materials {also FREE at TpT!}

Finally, he asked a friend to make a video that shows everyone how to fold and cut the single sheet of paper to make an 8 page booklet.  Watch it HERE.

Watch Will's FB page for more resources and materials.  Some Will U Learning materials will be FREE and some will be a couple bucks.

Will looks forward to sharing his amazing social/emotional learning materials with you in the future.

P.S.  Please share these with every elementary teacher, scout leader, homeschooler, and anyone else you think might like these.  Thanks, in advance for your generosity of spirit!

Higher learning for young minds.  Deeper learning for young hearts.