Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brave Teachers Doing Fall Fest

I have so much I want to blog about, but not nearly enough time--curriculum stuff, good books, brave projects with kids, my super Sam, Brave Teachers, art, and so much more. Someday I will be a little more caught up on work and life, but I'm making this a quick one for now.

For everyone who is local I'm doing the Fall Fest this Saturday, October 1, at Johnson Church, 3409 Johnson Road, Norton, OH 44203. It's 10 - 4, and there is lots of fun FREE stuff. It's a great event for families! Please stop by and see me. I'm giving away affirmations!

Anyway, I've got lots of great photo cards, from Affirmative Greetings, a greeting card line from Brave Teachers. These are the pure photos--no photoshop here! There is lots of nature and words. The photos above are a few of my favorites.

One of my October projects is going to be to update Brave Teachers on Etsy. When that happens I'll let you know, so you can see lots of the current photos and make your own gift sets.

What's keeping you busy these days?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Brave Teacher Retreat Was Amazing

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I spent the weekend hosting the first EVER Brave Teachers Retreat. It was A-MAZ-ING! Incredible women! Incredible time together! Beautiful Lake Erie. Fall goodness starting to pop out everywhere.

It makes me realize how much I really love listening to people and pouring my heart into them. It was beautiful!

My wheels are already turning about what I can do next. Some people are helping me out with this, too!

For now I'm going to pour my heart into my little family and my students this week.

What are you pouring your heart into?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Instant Learning Comes To 4th Grade

I love when learning comes to us. For example someone brought me some Hawaiian Air Plant. And then she brought enough for me to start plants for all the kids in both science sections. The next thing I knew we were "planting" or placing leaves on top of soil in pots on our desks.

The kids love this! So many have commented in journals about it. (It could drive me slowly crazy when they tip over! So far the kids have been great about cleaning up the messes.)

I did plants at the end of the year last year. I love this chance to just integrate it in with what we are doing. I LOVE when learning just shows up like this.

I wonder, as adults, how many learning experiences show up that we push away. When I see the joy it brings to kids--the kind that never comes from a text book or even a movie, I think I want more of that. I want to be open to the little things and imagining how big they can become.

Blue Canning Jars

Anyone who has seen the top of my fridge knows that I LOVE blue canning jars. It just so happens that this was my favorite photo that I took at the Country Living Fair. It was just an amazing experience to see so many things. I'm always struck by what I'm drawn to--like blue jars.

What are you being drawn to today?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm Back

Yippeee!! The internet is up and working again, and all is right with the universe.

I'm off to the Country Living Fair in Columbus with my Brave Friend, Aine! I'm going to take lots of photos and soak up the good energy and just enjoy the little road trip day.

Later this weekend I'll be back with lots of updates about my classroom, brave teachers, and life in general.

What good stuff are you doing this weekend?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do For Others What You Wish Someone Would Do For You

I heard Marney Makridakis on a phone course say she was radically changed by the impact this had on her life:

Do for others what you wish someone would do for you. (my paraphrase)

This has so stuck with me. (I heard it about a month ago.) I've decided to start actively and intentionally practicing it.

Every year I hear LOTS of teachers talk about all the stuff their new students don't know or how they aren't ready for the new grade. I rarely hear teachers talk about how much work they know the teachers before did. They worked their behinds of last year just like we did. They did the very best they could with the resources they had.

This year for the first time ever I decided to acknowledge that. I took a few of my little Affirmative Greetings photo cards and attached a little note that said, "Thanks for everything you did to get my students ready for 4th grade." I gave these to our third grade teachers.

I wonder why I've never thought to do this before. I'm glad it finally came to me.

What new ideas are you having?
What can you do for others that you wish someone would do for you?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday Freebie Inspirational Things On Rings

I've had no internet access. I'm going slowly insane--okay, maybe not so slowly. So now on Thursday evening I'm in a coffee shop trying to connect with my online peeps.

Last weekend I wanted to make a little inspirational treasure for myself. About an hour later this little Things On Rings Quote Set was made.

I made them to work with the little perforated business cards that come 10 to a page. I painted them. I printed them. Then I punched holes and added a ring and ribbon. Voila! Inspiration!

Go ahead! Print it HERE. (Scroll down past the retreat to get the 2 free printables.) Make it your own. Send us a picture of what you've done, brave teacher!

It's not too late to sign up for the Brave Teachers Fall Retreat HERE!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Currently Linky Party

I'm squeezing in on this Linky Party over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Currently I am . . .

Listening to. . . way too much Raffi in the car

Loving. . . my new students and my precious Super Sam (see above!)

Thinking. . . about how much Brave Teachers has really truly been a gift I give myself and share some of the goodness with others

Wanting. . . more time to take care of myself and a sturdy electric pencil sharpener for my classroom

Needing. . .more quiet time to create and just be

Learning. . .that life really does turn on a dime, so if it's really bad, it will get better. And really appreciate it when it's so good, cause it just can't last forever.

Stalking. . .these blogs:

and I love the recycled paper jewelry at palomaria