Saturday, December 31, 2011

Word Of The Year 2012 Revealed

Happy 2012! Best wishes from me to you. I'm hoping you have your best year EVER!

It's here! The video below reveals my word for 2012. As you can tell it's already inspiring me!

{Tomorrow I'll let you know how I arrived at my word for the year.}

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Approaching The Gate of 2012

So we're just a bit away from entering 2012. It certainly feels like we're approaching the gate. It's still closed, but we know it's about to fly open. And I'm wondering if I'm ready. I'm tired, but I want to be so present when the gate flies open, and I boldly walk through.

I feel my heart and soul propelling me in other directions--away from the safe path. I'm so excited and scared by it. I already know that 2012 is going to be HUGE! I feel the earth moving and shifting. I know I'm going to be engaged with my little family, traveling, and taking Brave Teachers into great directions. I'm getting really into the business nitty gritty. Have I mentioned The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee? I'm gobbling it up!

I'm actively pursuing calm. I've selected by word for 2012 {to be revealed soon!} I'm working on lots of plans for next year, and I'm trying to think of how to integrate the shift in my heart with my day to day interactions within my classroom. I'm thinking of little lessons to empower kids--the kind of stuff you have to sneak in because it has nothing to do with standardized tests but everything to do with the future of the human race. Am I the only person out there who thinks that is just soooo wrong? But I digress--give me a moment to hop off my education soapbox. . .

How about you? What are you planning or hoping or dreaming for 2012?

If you live within a couple hours of Akron, Ohio, I would LOVE to spend time with you at the Brave Teacher Play Day, January 16! We will be super casually creating and empowering and supporting each other. It's going to be a great chance to catch your breath so that you can move boldly through the gate and get 2012 started so beautifully!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eleven Amazing Bits of 2011

This year I stepped way out of my comfort zone. I was propelled by personal struggle and anguish, but then I kept going into new media and hope for my future. Lots of it was honestly very lonely. My heart was broken. I cried a lot. I grew. I found courage and strength I did not know I had. I have been forever changed.

This is no particular order, but here are 11 highlights of the year 2011 for me:

1. Watching Sam turn 2 and grow and change into an almost 3 year old. It's magical. It's simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking.

2. Beginning Brave Women's Breakfast for just encouraging myself and other women. It's a place to land and just be for a few hours. It's a little community--a tribe.

3. Having my heart broken {shattered} by the day to day powerlessness of the teaching profession.

4. Beginning to relearn the power of affirmations and self care at a deeper essential level.

5. And then coming back to teach for the 2011-2012 school year, and learning to find peace in the midst of it all--especially peace with myself.

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6. Choosing the word {BRAVE} as my word for 2011. And discovering Brave Girls Club, and their amazing Soul Restoration Classes

7. Having my watercolor paintings in a real gallery show

8. Starting the Brave Teachers Website as a beacon of hope and a catalyst of empowerment for teachers everywhere. And then writing an ebook and so many other things you can read about here.

9. Creating the adventurous course, The Art and Soul of Brave Teachers and leading it for others in June and then leading it again at Lakeside in July.

10. Brave Teacher Retreat

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11. Ending the year with more calm and peace in my life--thanks in part to the True Nature Retreat I experienced with my husband. It was a time for positive momentum both personally and relationally.

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I realize that I am sooooo blessed! My list could really go on and on, but these are a few bits that have had a powerful impact on my year. How about you? What is impacting you?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Secret Mission

Part of my ploy this year is to embark on secret missions--where I'm doing things that are just thoughtful for other people or I would like to have done for me.

I got a great idea from brandy. As soon as I read her post I knew I wanted to do this with my son. Our secret mission was to make snack bags for people we knew would have to work on Christmas. We just took brown lunch bags and filled them with snacks--microwave popcorn, bottles of water, granola bars, hot cocoa, and a variety of other goodies. We filled bags around our dining room. Some bags even got stickers.

On Christmas morning we left early for church. We went to 2 fire stations, the police station, and a variety of gas stations and convenience stores that were open. It was a real moment of humanity--what I think Christmas is really all about. It was also more of the Christmas that I want Sam to know than the toy pit that is overtaking our living room today. He was also delighted to get to sit in the purple fire engine. Yep, I said purple! I hope to download a photo from my husband's phone--super cute! I loved that when we got in the care he said, "OK, let's give away more treat bags."

It might have been the best part of Christmas for me. What was your best part of Christmas?

Are you working on your word for 2012? I'm still not there, but I'm working on it!

Monday, December 19, 2011

More Than Survival

If you're still teaching this week, you know it's a tough time of year to spend the day with young people who are super excited for Christmas, vacation, New Years, new toys, and whatever other sugarplums dance in their heads.

With this knowledge and my awareness that it is tough to return in January to blah walls, I'm trying to do something more fun. We are decorating our hall area, door and windows with a "Let It Snow!" theme. We've made one of a kind snow people, and lots of snowflakes. The kids have made the signs. It's was a great addition to a day of Santa Shop and gift wrapping. (Which is basically like trying to cap a volcano!)

Lest you think there is no learning going on, I want to say it is VERY difficult for fourth graders to follow directions for a spacial project. (You know that life skill sort of stuff that no state test evaluates.) It's also great to give kids a chance to problem solve and work collaboratively. (Two of the biggies in the 21st century skills list, but not measured on standardized tests.)

We can also continue with the theme when we have a few minutes here and there over the next couple days, too. For example. . . Early finisher: What can I do now? Teacher: Work on more winter wonderland creations.

The best part for me was leaving today with a bit of sanity intact!

I'll try to share some pictures, soon!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Preparation and Countdown

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just one week away. We have had another packed weekend of graduation celebration (Congratulations, Tim!) and making holiday gifts. All three of the people in my little family have been working on gifts this weekend--especially putting the final touches on things that we've been working on for weeks. Next week I will share the adventure of making gifts with little people when the gifts have been revealed!

I often reach this point feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. (Why didn't I just buy something? Will they like this or use it? And all the other lurking questions in my internal dialog.)

That's there this year, but it's more of a whisper than a shout. I'm recognizing that what I'm really gifting people with is an intimate look into my values--consideration for people who are less fortunate than we, practical gifts, some traditional nibblies, and so on. I can let go of guilt and shame and fear and hold some of my time in a sacred space to look at lights and pretend to be Santa and making new memories. This is all a surprisingly uncomfortable shift.

I'm also reserving energy for three more days of school before Winter Break. There are so many unpredictable and uncontrollable factors on those last few days. We are going to attempt to maintain some decorum and civility and maybe some learning, too! I also have some cool books to share with my students this week, too. I'll try to share that through the week, too.

How are your preparations going? I hope you will try to carve out a little sacred space to sit with yourself. Sending you good wishes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recap Word Of The Year 2011

I have been choosing a word for the year for a while now. It's just been interesting to see where it appeared and how the meaning of the word changed over time. Last year I decided to kick it up a notch. I wanted to see if my life could be changed by choosing a word for the year. It was like a little personal challenge. Here's what happened:

Almost exactly one year ago I chose my word for 2011. The word was BRAVE. I can't even remember exactly why I chose brave. I've been looking for the journal where I wrote about it, but I haven't been able to locate it. I did blog about it here. I started to find all kinds of interesting bits about brave. My favorite by far has been Brave Girls Club. I have loved receiving inspirational emails from them. Take Soul Restoration 1. And then doing Soul Restoration 2. Now I'm excited about starting Body Restoration in January 2012. These are FABULOUS courses--real life changers.

I also credit a little class I took with Jen Lemen and Odette and Innocent for this subtle internal shift that I can't explain. I don't even try to figure it out or over analyze it. I've just been going with the mystery of it all.

So where exactly did this journey going? It took a really twisty path through the most heartbreaking year of my educational career. My personal life and relationships had some big speed bumps, too. Isn't that the way life always is. I feel today like courage is really just refusing to stop. In the face of it all I did want to quit--many many times. Instead I just continued to move along. Sometimes I was sprinting. Most of the time I was really crawling off into the darkness of uncharted territory and wondering what I was doing.

The results have been pretty darn AMAZING. Here is some of what the word "brave" brought me this year:

Honestly I've done sooooo much. I also returned for another year as a classroom teacher. If for a moment you doubt the power of words, I beg to differ with you!

I found this to be so powerful, that I put together I mini-workbook to guide you in choosing a word for yourself for the new year. Grab this FREE pdf, Word of the Year 2012!

I'm still defining my word for 2012. What's your word for 2012? We would love to know!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Decorating and Life Lesson From A Two Year Old

I live with an adorable and feisty almost 3 year old. Getting ready for Christmas is sooo fun this year in that I get to see so much through his eyes. I love the logic and innocence. It makes me smile--A LOT!

So we were putting up a little bitty tree in his bedroom. I bought some nonbreakable decorations for his tree--a few snowmen, a few Santas, and so on. My thought was to spread everything out and make it look balanced. His idea was to hang all the snowmen together--"so they can be friends." And the same thing happened with Santa. So his tree has little clumps of ornaments (and so does the tree in the living room!) because appearances are nothing when you can hang out with your friends!

Me thinks there is a little life lesson in there for me, too!

I also got to do two amazing free local things with my little family over the weekend. Sam saw Santa on the sidewalk, and walked right up to him. He let him pick him up. We went to Lock 3 and got to see people ice skating and just take in the winter spirit, and then we road to the Akron Artwalk, and Sam was amazing. We saw art for sale. We saw artists in their studios. And one artist had an easel set up that kids could use. Sam had great fun. Everywhere we went he would ask what's that, and I would ask him what he thought it was. He has some definite ideas and opinions! It was all free and priceless--of course we could have spent tons of money, because I heart local artists in a big way!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brave Teacher Play Day Is Coming!

Calling all teachers!
I'm inviting you to an amazing day--a Brave Teacher Play Day!

It's a chance for courageous teachers to meet together
and create amazing projects
NOT for their classroom.

Make some heART projects just for your heart! Take care of yourself. Sign up HERE.

January 16, 2012
9:30 am - 3:00 p.m.
Lunch and all art materials are included
Brave Mim's House

I will provide 4 projects for you to choose. You can do as many as you have time to complete. You might choose to do one super in depth or start 3 or 4 and then finish them later on your own.

I have designed 4 fabulous projects for the Brave Teacher Play Day. You can choose one, two, or all four--depending on how much time you want to commit to the projects. Here are the possibilities:

~Brave Teacher Affirmation Cards--I provide the materials, and you decorate the cards and choose or write the affirmations for your heart.

~Mini-Vision Boards--I provide the art trading cards, glue, scissors, and magazines. You create mini collages that inspire your heart

~Things on Rings Quote Set--I provide the perforated business cards, printing, paints, ring, and ribbons. You decorate and assemble the set in the way you want.

~Word of the Year--I provide a lovely hand drawn set of worksheets that help you choose a word to inspire and motivate you. I ask the questions and you do the journaling!

Sign up here.

Please invite your teacher friends!
You're welcome to stay for part or all of the day.
It's going to be a very casual format.
Enjoy the company of courageous educators and let your heart play!
I know this will be a feel good day of rejuvenation and strength!
This makes a great gift for you or another brave teacher you know!
Grab space for you and/or friends HERE.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Enjoy The Moments and Release The Expectations

I believe my mantra for this holiday season is, "Enjoy the moments and release the expectations." It's crazy how full of expectations the holiday season is. I find the unstated expectations of others and my internal expectations the two that drive me absolutely bonkers.

I love Christmas. I love a simple Christmas. I love the Christmas in a house filled with lights and simple decorations and candles. I love the Christmas with a strong spiritual component. I love the Christmas without long lines of shopping. I love the Christmas without debt. I love the Christmas with enough sweets--but not too much indulging. I love the Christmas of generosity to others. I love the Christmas where I get to share all of those things with my little family of three and everyone else who wants to come along for the ride.

Why does the holiday season seem so rushed and overwhelming? So much the opposite of what I love.

Saturday night I had the perfect example of enjoying the moment and releasing expectations. We were driving home from celebrating Thanksgiving with my love's family. It was late enough that we should have just driven home and put the little boy to bed. Instead we stopped at out town's holiday tree lighting festivities. They were completely winding down. The crowds were beginning to vanish. It was a spontaneous stop, and it was soooo much about just enjoying the moment. We got to see horses pulling wagons of people. That was enough--it wasn't necessary to get a ride. The little boy got his first taste of cotton candy, and promptly brushed his teeth at home! He also got to see his first ice sculptures and give Elmo a hug.

I hope I have a lot more of these moments over the next month or so. It's not the big stuff. It's the precious stuff that lingers in the heart.

What is going to make this an especially memorable holiday season for you?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ultimate Book Recommendation

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to find soul care for teachers? I have. Of course there is the classic by Parker J. Palmer, The Courage To Teach. But it is really hard to find a current book that provides practical ideas for how to acknowledge the realities of your teacher heart and soul, and then provides the practical steps to change the spot your in and encourage and challenge you to move forward. I've finally found one, and so I'm giving it my Ultimate Book Recommendation.

Awakened: Change Your Mindset To Transform Your Teaching by Angela Watson

This book will rock your universe if you are looking for practical ideas about how to care for your teacher heart and soul! If you're willing to be honest about where you are, and you know you need a different and healthier way to deal with professional disappointments, expectations, and criticism, this is the book for you. (Of course, if you teach in a place where you don't deal with those things, ignore this whole post, and go on with your perfect day!!!)

I was pleased as could be when Angela Watson sent me an electronic copy. I've been a fan of her online work, and I own a copy of her first book, The Cornerstone, and I really recommend it, too! I've been so challenged and inspired as I've made my way through the book. I did not find it be a quick read, but rather the sort of book that I would read about one topic or chapter or section and then need some time to digest.

In Awakened, Ms. Watson, shares a bit about her own journey and what brought her to write this book. I can't imagine any teacher not relating to the examples she shares throughout the book. If you read this blog or on any sort of regular basis, then you know I'm a BIG believer in changing your self talk and attitude with affirmations and other tools. That is a big part of this book. Changing your responses to what the teaching profession throws at you, by changing your responses, thinking and self talk. It's not some magic potion, but rather practical practice to literally transform your teaching.

If you want to learn more about this powerful book, check it out HERE. If you want to buy the book, I really recommend that you get it right from Angela HERE. She offers the book in a variety of formats, both physical book and various electronic formats. I think this book would make a GREAT holiday gift for yourself or any teacher who is ready for a change in thinking.

What book has rocked your world recently?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Power of Karma

I had a crazy karmic experience about one week ago. OK--really I just did the right thing. But I'm smiling at the fallout.

I was at the drive thru of a fast food restaurant. The person asked me if I gave her a $10 or a $20 bill. It had been a $20. She then handed me the change--which I often stuff in my purse and don't look at. Recently we've been trying to stick to a fairly lean budget, so I was carefully folding the money into a pocket in my bag. I noticed that instead of a 10 dollar bill, the clerk had handed me a 20 dollar bill. This was probably the original bill I gave her. I gave it back. She expressed gratitude, and she said that she believed the good karma would come back to me.

I actually felt good as I was driving home, and that would have been enough good karma for me, but there has been more money finds all week. I can't explain it. I'm usually not super careful with money, but I have been quite careful recently. On that very same day I found a $5 bill in my purse all folded up in the bottom--yippee! Then on Monday I found $12 in the "money pocket" of my purse. I asked my love if he had put it there. "Nope!" was his response.

I was already up by $7 more than if I had kept "the change." And speaking of change, I've found lose change in numerous bags and pockets this week. If this was not enough "good karma," I just reached into the pocket of the sweat shirt I'm wearing and found $13 more. It had been washed. I can't explain any of this. It all just makes me smile, a lot.

There must be a lesson here! It really isn't hard for me to be honest about money, but I wonder today about the places where I let fear rule and love and honesty are blocked. This Thanksgiving weekend, I am soo grateful for the abundance in my life, but I wonder what I might be holding at bay--more love, more peace, more hope, more dreams fulfilled.

What sort of abundance are you letting into your life today?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Low Cost Science Experiments

Last year was the first year I taught 4th grade science. I was struck by how difficult it was to find experiments that related to the state standards that were affordable for 50 kids and did not require much "real science equipment." I can find lots of demonstrations that I do and kids watch, but there is something to be said for 9 and 10 year olds being scientists--being successful and failing.

One topic we study is matter. I found these really good and simple experiments for physical and chemical change. It took some planning and organizing on my part. We set up 6 stations around the classroom, and students worked in groups of 4 or 5. It definitely requires a little planning and shopping. (Like cooking red cabbage juice!) It was a good experience last year, but it was easier and neater for me this year. Kids love it.

Where do you find low cost age appropriate science experiments?

Don't forget to check out great quotes over at Brave Teachers. There are FREE printable posters HERE and HERE.
Keep doing all that amazing work Brave Teachers

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get Me Out of Here! I'm Starting To Make Bad Choices

Get me out of here! I'm starting to make bad choices!

Those words were uttered by the two year old who lives at my house tonight at the dinner table. I find this simultaneously funny and frightening. You might be raised by a teacher if the words that flow from your lips are about personal responsibility at age 2!
I also felt like it was a dare. If you don't do something now, you're going to be sorry, mom.

Where does this come from? Is it deep inside all of us, but we don't always have a chance to practice letting it out?

I'm so fascinated to witness this little guys development.

What do you find fascinating these days?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brave Teachers Celebrates Great Quotes

This week, over at I'm celebrating a week of remarkable quotes that I've read recently that just keep me thinking or really resonate in my heart. Go ahead and check out the first one.

Also, please take a moment to Like Brave Teachers on Facebook. I'm not big into numbers, but you know you can lift my spirit by that simple little keystroke! Thanks, in advance.

I've got some holiday goodies and new year delights brewing for Brave Teacher hearts. If you want to receive the glorious email updates on upcoming events online and in person, sign up HERE. I can't wait to share even more soulful courage and strength with you.

Sending courage and strength for the week ahead.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Secret Mission Revealed

If you read this blog regularly or visit, then you probably know I'm way into offering all sorts of little encouragement to other teachers. This year I decided to actually make it tangible for some of the teachers with whom I work. And we had conferences the last couple days--on Thursday evening after teaching and on Friday morning instead of teaching.

If you're a teacher you know it's just stressful. It just is. So. . .

I decided to make little bitty gratitude bags! They were sort of like goody bags, but without much loot. It was the thought that had to count! I sent them to all 3 elementary schools in my district--about 75 bags. My husband and son were couriers of kindness to the other buildings. Each one had a little note that said, "Thank you for the amazing work you do!" (Words I think teachers should hear every day of their life, but often don't hear for weeks or months or even years.)

The bags also contained 2 little nuggets with a word (like brave or hope or faith or joy) or a heart drawn on them, an enchanted affirmation, 2 pieces of dark chocolate, 2 mint lifesavers, a Tazo Passion teabag, 2 little bits of steamer, and some metallic star confetti. It was just fun!

The verdict is still out on whether teachers felt appreciated and valued, but I sure had fun! I'm already starting to think about my next secret mission. What will it be . . .

Have you ever gone on a secret mission?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm On A Secret Mission

I love secret missions! Sometimes they save my sanity. I'm a big believer in doing something for other people when I'm struggling myself.

I started thinking about the mission a few weeks ago. I did most of the preparation over last weekend--mostly at a coffee shop in Friday evening. I'm finishing up the prep work tonight. Tomorrow my secret mission will be in full swing--thanks to my little family who will be couriers!

The picture above is a little hint. More will be revealed in the next couple days!

Have you ever done a secret mission?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pursuing Perfection And Missing The Point

So this year we had a tiny robot for Halloween. For about 6 weeks anytime someone asked him, he said he was going to be a robot for Halloween. We don't know what precipitated this, but there was no wavering from the robot course.

So we thought about costumes, and together it became a family project to make the costume. So then we started to think and plan--sometimes obsessively(--what do you mean Target doesn't carry a 3T silver sweatsuits?!) We were going to get dryer venting for arms. The adults wanted to go all out, but the small boy just wanted to have "knobs" on the robot. It was the only thing that mattered.

When the moment arrived to prepare for trick-or-treating, he wasn't even going to put it on--after trying to protect parts of the costume all week, he wasn't even going to wear it! What's a mom to do at a moment like that? I smiled! I laughed to myself! I was glad I didn't invest time, money, or energy to get just the perfect sweatsuit--he ended up with mismatched attire anyway!

He did put it on once he saw other trick-or-treaters. He had fun--for 15 minutes. And then he headed home to pass out treats.

So what is the point?
Life and relationships and jobs and dreams rarely turn out the way we expect. Perfection is elusive, and it always will be. If that is what it is all about then everything is going to be disappointing. If we just go with what we have where we are, we will get to see lots of great people and enjoy sharing the treats of life. That seems like a pretty important point! We might get to enjoy some treats along the way, too!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Falling For Fall

I'm just loving this time of year.

I'm certainly falling for fall!

What are you falling for?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Looking At The World Like A Kid

One of my favorite things about hiking with someone who is two and a half ( and the most annoying part) is that Sam has to stop and look at everything. In the picture above he lay down on a bridge because he wanted to look at frogs. He did this for maybe ten minutes.

I'm surprised by how he can pick up and look at dozens of rock or leaves or sticks. It takes us a really long time to hike like this. Sometimes I'm surprised by the beautiful things I get to see that I would have just dashed by if I were walking alone. I'm also surprised that I don't approach life more like a two year old.

Everything is special and unique and worth a second look.

This is one of those lessons I'm learning from Sam.

What are you learning from the people in your life?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doing For Others What I Wish Someone Would Do For Me

If you're a frequent flyer of this blog then you know that I'm trying something new this year--I'm trying to occasionally do for others what I wish someone would do for me. I keep having really cool experiences with unexpected results.

Here are 3 recent experiences I've had with sharing affirmations. I think my little affirmations are like fortune cookies for the heart and spirit. They have some miraculous powers that I'm not even going to pretend I understand. I had the above pictured bowl of affirmations on my craft table at the Fall Fest I did a few weeks ago. It was so much fun to offer them to other people. Then I had them available last week on conference day for me coworkers. Yesterday I took them to my professional development day meeting and shared them. Have a mentioned that teachers are much more hesitant to accept these than the average person walking by. (I have no scientifically valid data to support this, but. . .)

I have been inspired to do these kind of crazy and spontaneous actions by the amazing likes of Amanda over at Kind Over Matter and Patience at Kindness Girl.

What action have you been inspired to take? Who inspired you?

P.S. If you're looking for some lovely cards or a little gift, check out the card sets I just put up on the Brave Teachers Etsy Shop

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Everyday Math Daily Schedule That Works For Me

I have finally found it! (I believe the Hallelujiah Chorus should be playing in the background here.) I have found a daily schedule for Everyday Math that is really working for me and 24 4th graders.

If you are a teacher then you hear all the time that you should be differentiated more for you students. It will never be enough, but I do try. Last year I divided my class into 3 groups for math and tried to do three 25 minute rotations with a 10 min. introduction at the beginning and a 5 minute wrap up at the end. So basically I tried to teach the main lesson 3 times quickly everyday. It did NOT work!

This summer it just came to me. . . I would teach the main lesson to every one and then meet with 3 groups based on what they needed next for about 15 minutes each. My first group is the one that needs the most direction--they usually get a good 20 minutes with me. Often we are doing "independent" parts of the lesson together. I am also redirecting and refocusing that groups the most. At the same time group Group 2 is playing one of the games or doing a practice activity--sometimes just fact triangles. Group 3, the students who most benefit from struggling through to come up with good mathematical thinking are at their seats doing the independent part of the lesson and Math Boxes. This is the place where students also check their Math Boxes independently. (Above you can see how simple the Math Box check station is on the front of a cupboard.) I meet with them last and usually have the shortest time with them, and sometimes they are getting enrichment or an extra difficult challenge.

This is not a perfect system, but the majority of kids are benefiting more than any other way I've taught Everyday Math. I have to be creative with time. Math Lesson and Rotation 1 are at the same time block, but the other 2 Rotations are at completely different times of the day. We do NOT do Rotations every day--usually 4 days a week. Sometimes we have Math Lab Days (like Science Lab days) where we practice, investigate, and catch up.

I'd love to hear from other teachers how Everyday Math is working in your classroom.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Enchanted by Full October Moon

I've been so mesmerized by the moon over the past few days. It's been gorgeous! I'm enchanted!

What's enchanting you?