Monday, March 21, 2016

My First Grader Taught Me To Knit

There is so much power in learning from a child.  I can't even count all the lessons I've learned from my son about slowing down, enjoying life, etc.  But to learn a practical skill from a seven year old. . .

Sam attends a Waldorf school, and one of the subjects is Handwork.  In first grade their eighth grade buddies teach them to knit.

So I ask him if he want to teach me to knit, and he explains that I need to make or buy knitting needles and yarn.  I opted for buying them!

He was a patient teacher, and I was quickly hooked.  I'm already looking up videos and he is explaining to me projects I could be making.

Why is this so good?  It's amazing to see your own child as the "expert" and yourself as the "novice."  It gives children confidence in their abilities.  It makes us both more open to learning and trying new things.

What can you learn from your kids or students?