Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mommy Magic

I've been feeling very restless in my spirit.  I know there are some big changes on the horizon.  I'm cautiously excited and scared out of my wits.

The one constant is Sam.  The way he never ceased to amaze me and make me laugh and test the limits of my patience.  We share these crazy moments that I call Mommy Magic.  These are the moments {sometimes rare} when I feel like I'm doing my mom job well.

I have mommy magic when I get him to eat vegetables he wasn't planning to eat--usually because I'm eating them.  He will sit on my lap and take a bit and then more--mommy magic.

I have mommy magic when we go shopping and it just so happens that Skippy John Jones shows up.

I have mommy magic when we go hiking in the woods and he dances on tree stumps, hugs trees, and runs down the trail.

I have mommy magic when he wants me to sing the theme song to Inspector Gadget with him or read him Geronimo Stilton books.

I have mommy magic when I hear the angelic sleep breathing of that 3 year old.

There are so many moments and hours and days when I feel completely incompetent and I think he would be better off without me, but there are those moments.

And they are pure magic, mommy magic.

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