Monday, February 3, 2014


Here is the February Defrost painting for today
You can see more pictures or purchase it HERE.

This is a season of transformation for myself and my little family.  It feels pretty messy if I'm honest.  

Part of what is giving me lots of anxiety these days is the whole teacher accountability piece of education.  The whole thing just feels like a spiritual sucker punch to me.  

And then I sent my son to a Waldorf school, and I was blown away by the contrast between what he is receiving in PK and my students receive in 4th grade.  His day is not filled with bells and whistles, but teaching and learning in a beautifully human and ordinary way.  I'm struck by the fact that he is expected to have a higher level of personal responsibility than we expect from 9 - 10 year old.  

It's started to sink into the core of my being.  There is an in insurmountable chasm between teacher accountability and student responsibility.  Will politicians ever figure this out?  Probably not because there is not lots of money to be had when we just do good old fashioned learning and teach kids to be responsible members of a democratic society.  I think that would be transformational education

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