Monday, August 12, 2013

What This Summer Has Taught Me

Here is what I learned this summer:

I know, I know. . . we already think we know it, but I know it deep in the fiber of my being.  I painted this little rock to put on my desk this year and remember.

This summer I removed everything familiar from my 4 year olds life.  I took him to a unique and wonderful place, but it was way tougher on both of us than I could have imagined.  If I had waited for creating the beautiful moment when we both looked good slathered in sunscreen playing blissfully on the beach, this summer would have been a huge disappointment.

Instead we just kept moving on in all our wonderful imperfection.  I tried to stay really present.  {I soo often didn't succeed!}  Except for work I let go of my agenda, and just started to see where life would take us.  We found parks and beaches I didn't even know existed.  {We love the swim area at East Harbor State Park.}  We learned how to use touch screen computers at the Port Clinton Library.  We were regulars at God Squad all summer.  We went to concert, and we met a new musician, Zak Morgan  We saw sunsets and did lots of beach combing for shells, glass, and smooth rocks,  We had so many people be so generous with us--so many more than I could even name here.

It wasn't all beauty and bliss!  There were lots of meltdowns {from both of us} and lots of good plans went the wrong way.  I had almost no time to myself all summer.  I have a super quirky boy, and that can be tricky.  We ate too much junk food, and I only had a few minutes here and there to do yoga.  I could probably do a mini program of mini sequences that work!

Now it's ending, and I will miss life near the lake.

It's almost time for school to start, and with the rock on my desk, here is some of my summer that I want to take into my classroom:

1.  It is about making each amazing moment matter
2.  Quirky kids are fun
3.  Sometimes you have to let go of the plan
4.  Sometimes it's going to be messy and there will be meltdowns
5.  Life is always smoother when I have time to myself on a regular basis
6.  I will be sad when it's all over, no matter how it turns out

What has summer taught you that you will take into your new school year?

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