Sunday, May 24, 2015

Personalized Professional Development

Personalized Professional Development
Changing The World 
One Classroom, One Teacher, One Heart At A Time

I'm so delighted to let you know that I am unleashing 
a professional development revolution for teachers.

See a timely sample of the weekly newsletter to see the format HERE.

If this sounds like something your school would be interested in subscribing or you want to know more,  contact me.

What is Brave Teachers Personalized Professional Development?

It is a content driven delivery method of professional development that is created by an elementary school teacher for other elementary school teachers to make teaching a richer more effective experience.  

Each week teachers receive an electronic newsletter that is packed with resources related to a timely topic or theme.  The information is provided in the form of articles, videos, printables, podcasts, photographs, and resource lists.
  • It is creative and innovative, real and fun.  
  • School administrators can be confident as they choose or ask their teachers to choose a path that this will be a valuable use of resources.
  • It is flexible in its accessibility, application and accountability. 
  • Selected modules will work seamlessly with school culture.
  • It's a great way to boost morale and improve retention of your faculty.

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