Friday, September 4, 2015

A Challenge, A Great Reveal, Updates, and a Giveaway

Today I have a challenge, a great reveal, updates and a give away.  So here we go:

The Friday CHALLENGE:  ASK YOURSELF THE QUESTIONS.  I see the world filled with people who seem to move robotically through life, without questioning much of anything.  Think about how you are impacting people and how you let people impact you.  Are your choices serving you well in your mind, body, and spirit?

I hope your fall will be filled with courageous reflection and intentional action!

The REVEAL:  To encourage and empower you to make these bold moves, I have created a card deck with 54 of my favorite watercolor quotes from this summer.  I LOVE this, and just to brag a bit, so does everyone who has seen it!  You can see it HERE RIGHT NOW!

UPDATES:  Additionally, Save the Date:  September 26, 2015, I will be selling all the original watercolors from Summer of Inspiration at an Open Studio and Online.  

GIVEAWAY:  I am giving away one Brave Inspiration Card Deck Mini Care Package on Labor Day at 9 p.m. EST.  To enter share a reflective question on the BRAVE TEACHERS FB page.

Know that your light diminishes the darkness.  So shine your little light into the world and let it reflect and become brighter as you reflect.

This is the Card Deck Mini Care Package I'm giving away!

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