Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Calm, Mindful Kids: Yoga Story Scripts

Yoga Story Scripts by Miriam Daniel

Who wouldn't want calmer, aware, flexible students?

I totally loved doing yoga with 30+ Girl Scouts yesterday evening.  Our evening focused around a story.  Most of my yoga for kids does.  I make up stories that take us through a series of poses.  The response is always fantastic when we do this.

Then I thought it might be great to share these with teachers.  Most of the stories take about 15 - 20 minutes if you move slowly through the breathing {The secret to success!}.  They would be great to wake kids up in the morning or calm kids down after recess.  The teacher tells a bit of the story and then guides the group into yoga poses.

Some of the benefits I have witnessed in using yoga with kids:

  • more body awareness
  • more focus
  • more emotional awareness
  • stronger listening skills
  • less stress, anxiety, and social issues
  • better flexibility (physically and emotionally)
I just put the first script, A Walk In The Meadow, up on my TpT store.  I think it's a great investment!

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