Monday, November 30, 2015

Best Teacher Gift Ever

Tis the season when teachers receive lots of kind and thoughtful gifts.  They are usually stuff.  Nice stuff that says your the best teacher or an apple for the teacher.  Year ago a teacher friend of mine did her kitchen in apples.  It was really cute.  She didn't buy any of it.  All the decor had been gifts.

This year I am offering an amazing email retreat!  It's called the Restoration and Renewal Retreat.

Here is what you can expect for yourself or you favorite teacher(s):
  • One email every day for the last week of this year that will support you in restoration and renewal for the second half of the school year.
  • You get to keep all of the content forever
  • The materials will be delivered in a variety of formats:  Audio and video recordings, ebooks, articles, worksheets and other printables with inspiring art and quotes, fun projects, and resource lists
  • Here are the topics:  Breathe, Journal, Move, Affirm, Be, Create, Reflect

It is super affordable.  There are two levels that can be selected.  The least expensive is $7.  You read that right--an amazing teacher gift for just seven bucks!

You send me the moola and the teacher mail address, and I send them the password to the sight where they can access some free inspiration to make it through to the holidays! HERE is where to sign up.  Give a great gift that includes only the stuff you or your favorite teachers or coworkers want to download!

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