Monday, November 9, 2015

Creativity and Energetic Offerings

I'm offering a variety of classes and workshops between now and winter break.  If you're local I'd be delighted to have you join us.

First I'm pleased to offer a new session of Just 4 Girls Yoga.  This is a wonderful chance for elementary age girls to gain body awareness, gain social and creative skills, and practice mindfulness in a fun environment of yoga breathing, stretching, stories, and games.  Each week has a different topic.  Some of this sessions include gratitude, generosity, and light.  This is where to register.
If you want to peak into our first session, HERE is where you can learn more.

I'm also pleased to offer yoga for everyone on Tuesday morning in Barberton and Saturday morning in Norton.  Learn more about those class times and locations HERE.

I have two pretty fantastic workshops coming up.

The first is Holiday Season Sanity Saver.  We will practice some yoga breathing and relaxing that you can use to refresh anytime, and then we will enjoy some tea, strategizing, and a little book for notes that I make for just you.  Get more details and register HERE

Then I'm super excited for a two evening workshop of Upcycled Decorations and gifts.  Some of our projects will include these:

Make a tree by folding a paperback book

Learn to make newspaper roses to create a wreath
I'm also planning for some felted wool decorations, magazine pages becoming stationary sets, and making gift tags and cards with recycled handmade paper.  Use your new found skills to continue creating more gifts and decorations on your own.  Details and sign up HERE

Treat yourself so that you can find more joy and less stress in the rest of this year!

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