Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sharing Interest for Valentine Celebration

Valentine celebrations are a great time to invite children to share their interests with classmates.  It's a great way to personalize a holiday that becomes more and more homogenized.  My son, Sam, is a total little science nerd.  He also makes valentines for his classmates.  We talked about a couple options, and I told him I thought this one would be really cool.  He had to see a demonstration before he was convinced!

This year Sam and I are making Borax Crystal Hearts for each of his classmates.  My greatest contribution is adding the boiling water to the borax powder and helping form hearts with the pipe cleaners.

We started adding Borax to a container.  It takes more than one might think!  {Add about 3 tablespoons per object.}
Then an adult fills the container with boiling water and stirs.

Twist pipe cleaners into any shape.  These make stunning snowflakes!

Suspend the shapes in the solution.  We hung ours from chopsticks.

Take them out the next day and let them dry.

When they dry they look like they're covered in gems.  They sparkle in a window when the sun shines!

HERE is a great site for specific directions and the science behind it.

What ways do you encourage your children or students to celebrate their individuality for Valentine's Day or other holidays?

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