Sunday, February 28, 2016

Thumbprint Art

When I was a kid I adored the book by Ed Emberley.   This cover was the one I remember, but there are several new versions, too.  Thumbprint art is fun and inexpensive.  It doesn't require fancy materials or extensive set up or clean up.

Now I have a son who also enjoys thumbprint art!  Here is work he recently  created on his own.

How could we use this in the classroom?
  • Illustrations for a writing narrative
  • Reviewing characters in an animal story
  • Creating a character to write about
  • Illustrations for math number stories
  • Art component for science unit on animals
Other possibilities include:  greeting cards, indoor recess, free choice center, art or creative expression, and creative thinking.

Some tips:
  • Have a moist paper towel close at hand
  • Don't have colorful stamp pads?  Use washable markers.
  • Pintrest has many examples
  • Have examples younger students can recreate and model the process, and then the rest can be independent
Happy thumbprint creating!

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