Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Decorating and Life Lesson From A Two Year Old

I live with an adorable and feisty almost 3 year old. Getting ready for Christmas is sooo fun this year in that I get to see so much through his eyes. I love the logic and innocence. It makes me smile--A LOT!

So we were putting up a little bitty tree in his bedroom. I bought some nonbreakable decorations for his tree--a few snowmen, a few Santas, and so on. My thought was to spread everything out and make it look balanced. His idea was to hang all the snowmen together--"so they can be friends." And the same thing happened with Santa. So his tree has little clumps of ornaments (and so does the tree in the living room!) because appearances are nothing when you can hang out with your friends!

Me thinks there is a little life lesson in there for me, too!

I also got to do two amazing free local things with my little family over the weekend. Sam saw Santa on the sidewalk, and walked right up to him. He let him pick him up. We went to Lock 3 and got to see people ice skating and just take in the winter spirit, and then we road to the Akron Artwalk, and Sam was amazing. We saw art for sale. We saw artists in their studios. And one artist had an easel set up that kids could use. Sam had great fun. Everywhere we went he would ask what's that, and I would ask him what he thought it was. He has some definite ideas and opinions! It was all free and priceless--of course we could have spent tons of money, because I heart local artists in a big way!

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