Monday, December 19, 2011

More Than Survival

If you're still teaching this week, you know it's a tough time of year to spend the day with young people who are super excited for Christmas, vacation, New Years, new toys, and whatever other sugarplums dance in their heads.

With this knowledge and my awareness that it is tough to return in January to blah walls, I'm trying to do something more fun. We are decorating our hall area, door and windows with a "Let It Snow!" theme. We've made one of a kind snow people, and lots of snowflakes. The kids have made the signs. It's was a great addition to a day of Santa Shop and gift wrapping. (Which is basically like trying to cap a volcano!)

Lest you think there is no learning going on, I want to say it is VERY difficult for fourth graders to follow directions for a spacial project. (You know that life skill sort of stuff that no state test evaluates.) It's also great to give kids a chance to problem solve and work collaboratively. (Two of the biggies in the 21st century skills list, but not measured on standardized tests.)

We can also continue with the theme when we have a few minutes here and there over the next couple days, too. For example. . . Early finisher: What can I do now? Teacher: Work on more winter wonderland creations.

The best part for me was leaving today with a bit of sanity intact!

I'll try to share some pictures, soon!

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