Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Treat Yourself To A Big Girl Slumber Party

I didn't have time in January to tell you about my first every Big Girl Slumber Party.  It will certainly not be the last.

I wanted to do something special for myself to celebrate my birthday.  I thought about going away on a retreat, but I had yoga teacher training that weekend, and I'm not always the best company for myself.  I thought that I really wanted to surround myself with some dear and irreverent women who know me and love me.

Here's what I did:

~I sent out an email.  {I thought they might think I was insane, but they do know me. . .}  The response was overwhelmingly positive.

~I started to plan like crazy, and then I changed my mind.  I just wanted to hang out with these peeps and soak in all the good feminine energy.

~The house was tidy, but not really clean.

~I had a large collection of nibbly food, but nothing fancy

~People came from near and far--literally from the house next door to a couple hours on the highway.

~People brought more food and wine and breakfast for the next morning.

~Sam went to bed at about 9 p.m., and we just sat around and talked for hours.

~I always have loads of art supplies and what not, but it was the talking that was so precious

~The next morning we had waffles and coffee.  We talked more.  I gave little good favors--including the hats we are all wearing in t, and people started to pack up and leave.

~These women are so amazing that they did stuff like wash the dishes!!!

If you want to do something very special for yourself and/or friends, a big girl slumber party might just be the ticket!

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