Monday, March 4, 2013

What You Do Around The Edges

I just saw this quote again on someone's FB page, and I was reminded of two things.  First, I love and believe this quote on a profound level.  Second, this quote is being manifest in my life--all around the edges.

Sometimes I get lost/stuck in the reality that school does not work the way I believe it should or want it to be.  At times I am consumed by that.

At those times I'm not able to look out into the periphery--where some really rich stuff abounds.

This weekend the stuff around the edges came into focus, and it was rich and beautiful.

I had two noteworthy experiences:

1.  My art was accepted into my first every juried art show!

Here's a piece of my little painting.  I can't wait to see the exhibit!  You can find out more about it HERE.

2.  I took a leap and started a little gentle yoga class at my house on Sunday evening.  There's always that feeling of doubt that anyone will even show up, but there were 9 yogis packed into my living room and dining room.  It was amazing and a treat to spend the time with such incredible women.
If you might like to join us, email me, for details!

As I reflect, it just seems perfect to say, "Let the beauty you love be what you do!"  (Rumi)

That's just resonating in the deepest heart center of who I am this evening.

What's resonating with you right now?

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