Monday, July 15, 2013

Common Core Questions

I have some questions for all you 4th grade teaching peeps out there today:

{I know that both of these curriculum people have documents that they say align to Common Core.  I have poured over those documents, and I would be hard pressed to say that many concepts are taught to a level of assessable mastery.  Please don't refer me to those documents.  If you've looked at them, you know what I mean.}

How do you work Everyday Math and Common Core Standards together?  There is no way that the program takes kids to mastery in the fractions department, especially.  How and when do you supplement?  Do you have any other tips?

Do any of you Reading Street users have a great writing/grammar program that aligns to Common Core?

I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I know that this year I'm going to be begging, borrowing, and the good kind of stealing!  I'll also share anything I come up with that seems to work!

I do have loads of other questions/concerns with the Common Core, but I hope this will give me some place to start.  Thank you, in advance!


  1. I don't use Reading Street-but I am using this product that I bought on TPT this summer.
    It covers all of the L.4.1a-g standards.

    I am planning on using this product to help my students really master fractions this year.

    The nice thing is, that while we need to take our kids to mastery in some areas we no longer need to have them master other things.

    Hope that helps!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback and info!

  2. I have always been a black sheep when it comes to the text book. In the past our district came up with a sequence of the standards that needed to be taught and a general guide of when to teach them. We used the text as a resource. This year I will be teaching ELA and social studies. Our district adopted the Literacy by Design. I do not use the text for ELA. I use the resources that came with it-- but I have planned my year around my Social Studies units.

    1. That's a great idea, Wendy! I might think about how I can plan more thematic units around Science and Social Studies. I want to tread lightly as Ohio is implementing a new state wide teacher evaluation program. I'm definitely a color outside the lines kind of girl!

  3. Hmmm... our district is using both Everyday Math and Reading Street (4th grade). I used materials from Miss Nannini (TPT) for math assessment (check out her assessment for grade 4 math, along with her assessment binder).
    SHe also just published assessments for ELA, but I haven't purchased them yet. However, I like the preview. Since we've moved to standards based grading, having material that is truly aligned with the CCSS is crucial.
    You can also check out my livebinder at . I made it public, and sorted out what I use for Reading Street. I also have a livebinder for math that you could check out as well.
    I'm back teaching after 14 years as principal of a private school, and found that I needed to find new, current material. All the above is what I worked on during the past year!

    1. Thanks, Karen! These are some good ideas