Friday, July 19, 2013

Seeing Children

This week I witnessed my son's interaction with another adult, and I was profoundly reminded of the importance of seeing children.  Really seeing them.  Not looking over and around them in the business of life or school or whatever.

Here at Lakeside, Sam goes to God Squad every single time it happens.  {God Squad is a bit like Vacation Bible School, and it meets for kid's church and then Tuesday - Thursday each week.}  There are little lessons and fantastic music by the guy who has been leading this thing for 18 years, Chip Richter.  {God Squad holds a special place in my heart, because the first summer I worked at Lakeside, one of my jobs was helping with God Squad.  I think Chip's son was Sam's age that summer, and he is all grown up now!}

Anyway, everyday there is a little craft at the end, and a couple days ago they made buttons to wear on their shirts.  Sam designed his, but I did most of the drawing.  He was proud of how his looked.  He went looking for Chip to show him the badge.

And here is the moment:  Chip looks at Sam, calls him by name, and tells him how cool his button looks.  It was just a moment, and Chip could have been doing a bazillion other things, but he acknowledged Sam and his work.

Hours later Sam says:  My button is cool, and Chip thinks so, too.

Chip does concerts for kids and families all over.  He performs at libraries, schools, churches, etc.  Check him out HERE.

How often I want my work to be acknowledged by somebody else.  Or I need to be really seen and acknowledged or called by name.  Kids need that, too.

Sam's whole day was changed because of a moment an adult gave him.  This was not lost on me!  I want that to be one of my highest goals this upcoming school year--I want to acknowledge children every single day.  Regardless of how I feel or how much there is to do--I want to let as many kids as possible know that they are seen and valued.

One way I do this is my standing outside my classroom door, and saying good morning to as many kids as possible.  I also try to say good morning to every single one of my students as they enter the room.  Those who sneak in I try to say later on, "I didn't even get to say good morning to you, yet."

My mom heart reminded my teacher heart of one of those super important bits.

What is your teacher heart guiding you to do in the upcoming year?


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