Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Less Mommy Guilt and More Ease

Summer photo fun selfie at the Akron Art Museum

There is nothing like a few days of summer to experience an ease in parenting that is so lacking during the school year.  Is there anyone out there with me?

I am just feeling so very grateful that I do have today to enjoy getting our haircut together and working in our yard {where fairy gardens will soon abound.}  During the school year I give so much to other people's kids that my son gets ripped off of time and energy. {and often he gets the crabby mood brought on my this state of affairs.}  I want him to be the kid who gets the best I have to offer.  I am simultaneously relieved and saddened.  We have already had very ordinary experiences that were amazing because of the ease I am experiencing.  Is there anyone out there with me?

I'm also recognizing that the mommy guilt just zaps the reserve of energy I do have during the school year.  Why do we let guilt and shame steal our joy?  I am also grateful for this self awareness.

I vote for less guilt and more ease EVERY single day!  Is there anyone out there with me?

P.S. Over at Brave Teachers I shared a little more about living with ease.  Check it out.

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