Sunday, June 14, 2015

Where Is Brave Art

People are inquiring more about Brave Art.  Where can it be seen and purchased are the two most commonly asked questions.  {Love these sort of questions!!}

At this very moment there are two place to view and/or purchase Brave Art:

1.  My Studio and the Gallery at ACoT

I LOVE my studio space.  I have about a dozen of the 4 x 4 Cutie Cubes that go for $20.  Here are a few pics of the most recent:

Love Wins

Secret Garden

Take Flight

I also have some of my favorite larger paintings here, too. . .

Some of my other faves are in the gallery here, too!  You can see/purchase them HERE.

The other place to see and purchase Brave Art is at Miss Mercedes in Lakeside, Ohio

I love the way I see my art scattered around the shop with so many other yummy bits!

I hope your will be able to enjoy some Brave Art this summer.  It makes a great gift for weddings, graduation, or just because.

P.S.  Can you keep a secret?  Soon Brave Art will be available online at Brave Teachers!!

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