Wednesday, October 7, 2015

28 Uses for a Single Sheet Eight Page Booklet

I love having kids create their own learning.  It takes much more time, but it's so worth it.  One of my favorite little tools is a little booklet made from a single sheet of paper.  These are probably too small for students under third grade, but from there on up the uses are limitless.

Here is a little video to show you how to make two different styles of the little book:

And I came up with 28 ways that popped into my head for using this book.  I bet you can think of tons more.  If anything comes to mind, please add it in the comments.

How many uses can you think of for a little 1 sheet eight page booklet?

  1.  Record daily temperature or weather
  2. Answer a daily word problem/number story
  3. Write a story using spelling words
  4. Make a comic book using spelling words
  5. Write spelling words in different fancy fonts
  6. Use spelling words in sentences
  7. Word of the day--each booklet could contain 7 words with a “chapter” title page for the theme of those 7 words
  8. Create “How to” process books ie How to make chocolate chip cookies
  9. Use to record steps of scientific method for a science experiment or demonstration
  10.   Record ways to make the number for that day of the school year.  If it’s the 25th day, use 25 tally marks, a quarter, 5 x 5, 20 + 5, twenty-five, etc.
  11.   Make a comic book or what you are studying in any subject
  12.   Retell a story
  13.   Make a timeline
  14.   Make a little magazine collage on each page
  15. Use to show examples of a grammar concept--Write sentences and highlight all the nouns or all the adjectives
  16.   Make lists of words that can be used instead of overused words
  17.   Make a book on a topic of study for a younger student
  18.   Record growth over time--i.e. from egg to butterfly
  19.   Examples of good study habits
  20.   Examples of kind behavior at recess
  21.   Write a story on any topic
  22.   Record favorite quotes
  23.   Write a recipe
  24.   Record definitions for vocabulary words
  25.   Illustrate vocabulary words
  26.   Make a multi-page card filled with good wishes (ie what you wish for mom on Mother’s Day)
  27.  Use the booklet as a final assessment at the end of a science or social studies unit.
  28. Incorporate into science notebooking

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