Monday, January 18, 2016

Let Kindness Take Root

Section of a new painting:  Kindness Takes Root
12 x 24, acrylic on canvas, $165

Today, in honor of Dr. King I am inviting you to give kindness roots in your classroom.  This invitation is a tricky one, because by this time in the year you know all of the foibles of your students and your tolerance for shenanigans is very low.

As is the case with most valuable teaching, it all begins with the teacher--that's you!  Tomorrow choose one area to bring kindness into the sacred space of learning that is your classroom.  Greet students at the door with a smile and handshake.  Empower your most challenge student to lead--this might just be passing out papers.  Elevate a shy student by pointing out their work ethic or problem solving.  Find something to compliment in the child who is most difficult to like.

Here is the secret:  At first this may all be suspect.  But you are allowing kindness to take root.  It begins in your heart and over time it spreads and lives are impacted--especially your own!

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