Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More Yoga Story Scripts on Sale

Earlier this school year I started writing down the stories I tell as part of my kid yoga programs.  I just put 5 {and a bonus one} of them together in a little PDF over at Brave Teachers Teachers Pay Teachers Shop.  This is not a cutesy resource.  It's a basic text document that gives you the exact words to read while you lead a group of children in a mindful calming practice.  I've also included a link to a goofy video I made if you need a little refresher in the basic breathing or postures of these routines.

Yoga Story Scripts:  Seasons, Nature, and Imagination, Volume 1, includes five unique original Yoga Story Scripts to give your students more exposure to a mindful yoga practice.  Yoga can improve, flexibility, strength, focus, body awareness, and self confidence, while reducing stress and anxiety, among other benefits.  This set includes these Yoga Story Scripts:  Walk in a Winter Wonderland,  Walk in the Rainforest, On the Hunt for Pirates, Walk Along the Beach, and Relaxing Robot{Corpse Pose for Kids}.  There is also a bonus script:  Suggestions for Warm Up or Cool Down that can be used first thing in the morning, after recess, before a test, or at the end of the day.

You can grab the whole bundle for $7.50 or for the next couple days at 20% off!  Check out the other scripts and lots of FREEBIES in the TpT shop.

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