Monday, November 8, 2010

Inspired To Say YES!

Two things are little snippets of inspiration and sanity that are keeping me going in an otherwise hectic and overcommitted few weeks.

Last night I read this line that has come to the surface numerous times today:

For everything that has happened, thanks. For everything that will happen, yes.

To me that line just screams gratitude and acceptance--two focal points that I'm gazing toward more than I have before. I wonder what would happen if I said yes to everything that came my way and let go of the shoulds that I wouldn't get to. How would my life be different? How would my internal landscape shift?

And then today's questions/challenge from Dream Lab was:

Today, what would happen if you let yourself believe for just a second that saying yes to your current courage challenge would make you not only be glad, but would pave the way for a miracle?

I want to learn how to say yes. I feel like yes often resonates inside of me. Sometimes I even whisper it. But I want to say yes. I want to shout it! I want to hear it echoing.

For me I think my greatest courage challenge is letting go of the shoulds. If I clear some of that out, I believe I will have much more room for yes.

What is keeping you from saying yes?

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