Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tricky Toddler Mom Skills

I'm not by nature a sneaky or devious person. In fact I'm a horrible liar. So I take great pride in the skills I'm developing to trick the toddler in my family.

We're talking about a very good natured boy, who until recently did not need to be tricked. I accepted what we said and asked. But he is now exerting independence and opinions.

Today we went out to finish our Metro Parks sponsored Fall Hiking Spree. He has to see EVERYTHING. We laugh about how hikes that used to take us 40 minutes now take 90 - 120 minutes. Sometimes this is just frustrating. I go quietly insane.

Today I got to practice my tricky mom skills. The toddler wanted to push the stroller--off course and have mommy's sunglasses. So I said, "You're welcome to wear my glasses if you will sit strapped into the stroller. Quick as a bunny he was seated.

We of course high tailed it down the trail--he is a toddler--he will not be pacified long by sunglasses. But I felt smug and pleased with my stealth moves!

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