Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm so grateful this year for the contentment I feel about my life. I'm content with my little family. I'm content with myself. I'm content about so much of what makes my life unique.

I really enjoyed preparing a big meal in a fairly small kitchen. I like the rhythm of cooking. However, the highlight of my Thanksgiving day is something you have to picture with me. To preface the scene you must know that our little son is fascinated with potty training, and if anything (even the smallest dribble) goes into his potty he gets to put on a pair of big boy underwear. So he comes downstairs and he is wearing a striped long sleeve shirt, socks, shoes, and Spiderman underwear. He is as proud as he can be of himself! My hear feels so warm just thinking about that scene. To be able to take the time to enjoy that experience with him was bliss, and I am thankful.

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