Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Currently Linky Party

I'm squeezing in on this Linky Party over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Currently I am . . .

Listening to. . . way too much Raffi in the car

Loving. . . my new students and my precious Super Sam (see above!)

Thinking. . . about how much Brave Teachers has really truly been a gift I give myself and share some of the goodness with others

Wanting. . . more time to take care of myself and a sturdy electric pencil sharpener for my classroom

Needing. . .more quiet time to create and just be

Learning. . .that life really does turn on a dime, so if it's really bad, it will get better. And really appreciate it when it's so good, cause it just can't last forever.

Stalking. . .these blogs:

and I love the recycled paper jewelry at palomaria

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