Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedged Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I've feel that I've recently been wedged between a rock and and a hard place. I've used lots of tools to try to wiggle myself out. It just wasn't happening. I've felt guilty that I'm not keeping up on sharing all my Reading Street Focus Wall stuff. I've felt the pull toward perfection and isolation.

On the surface I keep moving forward, but it's the deeper down stuff that has gotten me. I'm certainly finding my way--I think I should rephrase that because it doesn't feel like it's my way. I'm finding a better way--a different way out of it all.

Sometimes I'm surprised what feels like a big deal to me that no one else really cares about. Today my little mantra is, "Keep it simple." (This does NOT come naturally to me!!) It feels like such a positive game changer for me, but there's a part of me fighting it.

Have you had any game changing moments recently? What words are guiding you today?

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