Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Back But Not Too Enchanting

I'm not feeling too brave, so this is for me. . .I've just been sooo crazy busy with all sorts of little and big obligations and responsibilities! Anyone else out there feeling that way?

I must admit that I'm not feeling too enchanting or enchanted--except for one amazing and freakish thing--the weather! It has been in the 70's in northern Ohio for about a week, and it's supposed to continue. We have daffodils and crocuses in our yard. The grass is turning green. I'm listening to my neighbor play the flute and the birds chirp because my windows are all open. This might not seem like a big deal, but here is a picture of Sam from last year at this time:

Crazy what a difference a year can make!

I've also been enchanted by the people in the class I just finished taking--Courage For The Discouraged. I think between that class and the weather I will make it through the next two weeks, get my paper written, and finish grading and get report cards done--without too much crazy making!

Can anyone send me a little inspiration? {Thanks, in advance!}

What's enchanting you these days?

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