Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life Lessons and Delays

I have to admit it. . . I took on more than I can do with the resources I have. The Brave Teacher Adventure Kits are going to be available in a couple more weeks. I will so keep you updated!

The whole thing is a steep learning curve. I'm learning how to do so much--alter PDFs and make them more interactive, use e-junkie, market my wares with other websites. This all takes more time and energy then I want it to take. Over the weekend I was losing my joy for creating and sharing good stuff. I was overwhelmed by my self imposed deadlines. . . ahhh--this is such a good life lesson. I'm a little embarassed, but I want to be confident that everything I'm offering is the best that I can give--not just a rush to the finish line.

Isn't this a good life lesson? I think I've been battling unrealistic expectations of myself for about as long as I can remember. I would never hold my coworkers or students or friends to such levels. Why do expect that from myself?

Today I'm taking a few deep breathes. I'm going to stay present with my students today. I'm going to extend some grace to myself. I'm taking a step back so that I can move forward with so much more peace.

What life lessons are you learning today?

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