Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Official Start Of Summer

Today was the official start of summer--at least in my universe.  After a whirlwind couple weeks of wrapping up the school year, closing the classroom, and lots of other stuff

My little family and my brother, Tim, embarked on a 10 hour car trip to Ocean City, Maryland--with the 3 year old!  His longest car trip prior to this was maybe 3 hours.  He was a traveling rock star!

Fun dips turned his whole mouth green!  And glow in the dark insects were a huge hit.  

Books on CD were also great, but I must say, he rocked it out of the park.

So, he has never been to the ocean before, but I think you can tell that he loved it.  

I love the innocence of kids.  After this long anticipated and discussed adventure and fatiguing road trip, he thought we were going home after just a few hours!  Kids are so much more patient of small events than I am.  I want it to be worth it.  I don't think 10 hours for 2 hours is worth it, but he does.  Maybe a little lesson for me in all of this.

What marks the official start of summer for you?

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