Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Sammyisms

Okay, so I can't even stand all the cute things that Sam is saying these days!  I must share!

Sam standing by fountain in Lakeside:  I want to make a wish for you.  What is your wish?

Me:  My wish is that you would be a good listener and obey me.

Sam:  Well, that's never going to happen, so make another wish!

Me:  I think we should get Daddy a chocolate milkshake at Netty's when he comes this weekend.

Sam:  OK, but you do know that I really, really like those a lot.  They are my favorite!  Could I pwease get one, too?

Sam making a paper mache volcano:  Do you think the concoction will be hot lava?

To his Uncle Jon on the phone about a yet to be determined visit:  The party is going to be at the beach and the park, but you can pick the time when you get here as long as you bring your swim trunks.

Me:  Do you want to go to God Squad?  (Like VBS with the amazing Chip Richter)
Sam:  If there is God Squad, I will be there.

Sam jumping from bed to inflatable mattress:  You might think this is dangerous, but don't worry.

We are settling in to a schedule and routine that is working for us.  We love the Ida Rupp Library in Port Clinton.

More funny Sammyisms are sure to follow.

What great lines have you heard this summer?

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