Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why Subscribe To Personalized Professional Development?

"If we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we always got."  {Henry Ford}

I'm creating Personalized Professional Development to give every teacher everywhere the opportunity to imagine what is possible, receive real inspiration to inspire best learning in their students, and to share love with teachers who may be a bit bruised.  I'm asked why should we choose Brave Teachers Personalized Professional Development.  Here are some of my answers:

1.  Why not?  It would be sad if your staff never tried anything new with their students.  What is keeping you from trying something innovative for yourself?  

2.  Do you every walk away from a professional development day asking yourself if the presenter has ever worked with children and if they have has it been in this century?  I am an elementary teacher who has worked in real classrooms and with real children in a variety of settings over the past 18 years.

3.  Have you every walked away from a great training on total overload unable to assimilate it all?  Personalized Professional Development is delivered in small manageable bits.  You will have time to process and try out ideas before the next bits come at you.

4.  Have you ever walked away from a PD event feeling like it was a total waste of your time?  My ideas and content are mostly fresh spins on what we already know.  Not every bit will apply to every teacher, but I can assure you it will never feel like you wasted your whole day.

5.  Do you want technology to work for you instead of the other way around?  Brave Teachers Personalized Professional Development will do just that.  It isn't a boring screencast.  It is a mashup of articles, videos, printables, lists, and podcasts delivered electronically--all created with a handmade warmth.

6.  Have you ever wished you could afford a teaching coach?  Subscribe at the Premium level and you will have email access to me all year long for your burning questions or when you just need some extra encouragement or inspiration.  I will help you personalize the resources I provide to your unique situation

For the next couple weeks I'm offering great deals for teachers who have an open heart and an open mind for the upcoming school year.  Look at your choices HERE.

You choose from three different focus modules:
  • Heart and Soul of Your Classroom:  Social/ emotional education
  • Doing Differentiation Differently
  • Teaching Young Minds Without Losing Yours
Read more about them HERE

You choose the level
  • Premium gives you extra access to my email coaching all year long and care packages for you, too.  It's currently $179 for the whole year, and on August 9th will increase to $229.  SUBSCRIBE NOW
  • Basic gives you access to all 30 email newsletters in the module you choose.  It is currently $129 for the year, and on August 9th will increase to $169.  SUBSCRIBE NOW

I can't even express to you how excited I am to work with you this school year!  This one very well may be the best school year ever!

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