Monday, December 27, 2010

Inspired by Christmas

Lots of years I arrive at this point, and I feel like all my creative juices have been spent on Christmas stuff. This year is different. Here are some of the things that have left me very inspired this season:

  • Holiday lights through the eyes of a child
  • Time in the Hopeful World Class--POWER-FULL
  • Berry Christmas Granola
  • Elmo slippers being a most loved gift
  • Heifer Project being the best gift I honored people in giving
  • Our little family's new tradition: A birthday party for Jesus
  • Reminiscing by making (and eating) my mom's fudge and fruitcake recipes
  • Planning the first Brave Women's Breakfast
  • Watching Santa Claus is Coming To Town and Frosty
  • Having a little boy who hearts snowmen in a BIG way!

What is inspiring you today?

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