Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Power of Karma

I had a crazy karmic experience about one week ago. OK--really I just did the right thing. But I'm smiling at the fallout.

I was at the drive thru of a fast food restaurant. The person asked me if I gave her a $10 or a $20 bill. It had been a $20. She then handed me the change--which I often stuff in my purse and don't look at. Recently we've been trying to stick to a fairly lean budget, so I was carefully folding the money into a pocket in my bag. I noticed that instead of a 10 dollar bill, the clerk had handed me a 20 dollar bill. This was probably the original bill I gave her. I gave it back. She expressed gratitude, and she said that she believed the good karma would come back to me.

I actually felt good as I was driving home, and that would have been enough good karma for me, but there has been more money finds all week. I can't explain it. I'm usually not super careful with money, but I have been quite careful recently. On that very same day I found a $5 bill in my purse all folded up in the bottom--yippee! Then on Monday I found $12 in the "money pocket" of my purse. I asked my love if he had put it there. "Nope!" was his response.

I was already up by $7 more than if I had kept "the change." And speaking of change, I've found lose change in numerous bags and pockets this week. If this was not enough "good karma," I just reached into the pocket of the sweat shirt I'm wearing and found $13 more. It had been washed. I can't explain any of this. It all just makes me smile, a lot.

There must be a lesson here! It really isn't hard for me to be honest about money, but I wonder today about the places where I let fear rule and love and honesty are blocked. This Thanksgiving weekend, I am soo grateful for the abundance in my life, but I wonder what I might be holding at bay--more love, more peace, more hope, more dreams fulfilled.

What sort of abundance are you letting into your life today?


  1. I've found that the less I act like this is my last $1 the better I do. When I'm stingy I usually find that my last $1 leaves a lot sooner than I'd like. Good on you.

    Can you send me some ideas for a 4th grade measurement center helping kids learn to convert oz - lbs, lbs - tons and so on? Kind of running on Thanksgiving fumes and I need some fresh ideas.

  2. Just had a similar experience where I found $130 while doing a organizational project for someone. It blows my mind that someone can not realize this kind of money is unaccounted whereas this is a significant amount of my to my part time self. I passed the money on to the owner. When I went to leave the person paid me double my hourly rate for the organizing service and when I got home a check for $80 was in the mail from a customer who had remembered they owed me money from the summer. Ahead $50 so far! Karma :)