Friday, November 11, 2011

Secret Mission Revealed

If you read this blog regularly or visit, then you probably know I'm way into offering all sorts of little encouragement to other teachers. This year I decided to actually make it tangible for some of the teachers with whom I work. And we had conferences the last couple days--on Thursday evening after teaching and on Friday morning instead of teaching.

If you're a teacher you know it's just stressful. It just is. So. . .

I decided to make little bitty gratitude bags! They were sort of like goody bags, but without much loot. It was the thought that had to count! I sent them to all 3 elementary schools in my district--about 75 bags. My husband and son were couriers of kindness to the other buildings. Each one had a little note that said, "Thank you for the amazing work you do!" (Words I think teachers should hear every day of their life, but often don't hear for weeks or months or even years.)

The bags also contained 2 little nuggets with a word (like brave or hope or faith or joy) or a heart drawn on them, an enchanted affirmation, 2 pieces of dark chocolate, 2 mint lifesavers, a Tazo Passion teabag, 2 little bits of steamer, and some metallic star confetti. It was just fun!

The verdict is still out on whether teachers felt appreciated and valued, but I sure had fun! I'm already starting to think about my next secret mission. What will it be . . .

Have you ever gone on a secret mission?


  1. You absolutely move me to tears! You are the most inspiring extrodinary woman I know! I think of doing these things but never am brave enough to do them. I am curious how the teachers responded. Did they respond? Did they know you did it or was it anonymous? I know you didn't do it for the thanks or notoriety But am curious the reaction it envied.

  2. Invoked not envied...clearly I am envious of your braveness (damn auto correct)

    1. Almost no response. I find that so interesting and telling. I think most of the teachers I know have tall thick walls of protection up. I don't think what I do crashes down walls, but it offers courage for people who want to move their own bricks!