Monday, November 28, 2011

Enjoy The Moments and Release The Expectations

I believe my mantra for this holiday season is, "Enjoy the moments and release the expectations." It's crazy how full of expectations the holiday season is. I find the unstated expectations of others and my internal expectations the two that drive me absolutely bonkers.

I love Christmas. I love a simple Christmas. I love the Christmas in a house filled with lights and simple decorations and candles. I love the Christmas with a strong spiritual component. I love the Christmas without long lines of shopping. I love the Christmas without debt. I love the Christmas with enough sweets--but not too much indulging. I love the Christmas of generosity to others. I love the Christmas where I get to share all of those things with my little family of three and everyone else who wants to come along for the ride.

Why does the holiday season seem so rushed and overwhelming? So much the opposite of what I love.

Saturday night I had the perfect example of enjoying the moment and releasing expectations. We were driving home from celebrating Thanksgiving with my love's family. It was late enough that we should have just driven home and put the little boy to bed. Instead we stopped at out town's holiday tree lighting festivities. They were completely winding down. The crowds were beginning to vanish. It was a spontaneous stop, and it was soooo much about just enjoying the moment. We got to see horses pulling wagons of people. That was enough--it wasn't necessary to get a ride. The little boy got his first taste of cotton candy, and promptly brushed his teeth at home! He also got to see his first ice sculptures and give Elmo a hug.

I hope I have a lot more of these moments over the next month or so. It's not the big stuff. It's the precious stuff that lingers in the heart.

What is going to make this an especially memorable holiday season for you?

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