Friday, January 6, 2012

Enchantment: Week 1

I'm going to blog about what is enchanting me each week this year. Some of it will be online and some of it will be real world. So here we go!

~I am completely enchanted by Sam's pretend play. Tonight he had a silly putty egg with a marble in it, and he said, "This is Henry. He is a talking egg. He's my favorite." He then put him (it?) on the bannister and said, "He's going on a roller coaster."

~I'm enchanted by Body Restoration, a Brave Girls Club online course that begins next week. It's going to be sooo good.

~I'm always enchanted by people who use small spaces, but this is amazing!

~Edible Columbus--I received a copy of this when I was on my little retreat last week. This is a stunning magazine and more devoted to local food.

~My house is feeling a little stale, and I'm enchanted by the thought of creating a more {restorative} environment in my home--an oasis for my little family and others.

What's enchanting you today?

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