Monday, January 2, 2012

How I Spent My Winter Vacation

I'm joining a Linky Party about how I spent my winter vacation. I'm just making a list of highlights--some of these have links to spots where you can see pictures or read more.

I've had a great winter vacation. I've been busy, but not too busy.

December 22 - 23 Making gingerbread snowman cookies for Santa with a 2 year old was the highlight along with cooking, wrapping gifts, cleaning and holiday preparations

December 24 We hosted a Birthday Party for Jesus with 8 preschoolers in the morning. We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family. I was too tired to stay up to go to church. I was in bed asleep before I could even hear reindeer paws on the roof. I'm not sure which part of that was the highlight!

December 25 We walk up to realize that Santa had visited our house. We opened gifts, ate baked pumpkin french toast, and then we left our house on our secret mission. We also went to church and then celebrated with my husbands part of the family. I think the secret mission was my highlight.

December 26 We caught our breath at home, played with new toys, and I started reading The Right Brained Business Plan.

December 27 - 28 Sam spent the first ever night away from both parents. The grown ups had a retreat at True Nature. It was our Christmas gift to ourselves and each other. It was perhaps the highlight of the whole break!

December 29 - 30 I did some reading, made some art, worked on some improvements and expansions of the Brave Teachers website, and discovered a new tv series, Leverage. I felt both productive and relaxed! I felt so good I put a great deal up on Brave Teachers for just a week.

December 31 Cleaned up the house for our New Year's Feast, and went to First Night Akron. The highlight of First Night was a Beatles tribute band called Hard Days Night.

January 1 Hosted a New Year Day feast with some family and friends. I announced my word for 2012, too.

January 2 Today is the last day of break, and I don't want to sound greedy, but there is possible lake effect snow, and I can't help but smile at the thought of an extended break!!!

What were the highlights of your Winter Vacation? Read other people's highlights HERE.

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