Friday, January 13, 2012

Enchantment: Week 2

It's been another enchanting week!

It was also the last week of the semester for my students, so I'm knee deep in wrapping up work and cleaning up stuff. And it was my birthday week, too!

Here are some enchantments:

~Having my birthday breakfast at The Enchanted Cafe. I was especially enchanted because they made Sam a kitty cat pancake, complete with chocolate whiskers.

~Fantastic free printables over at Kind Over Matter. I'm so often enchanted by KOM, but this was a must see on my birthday.

~Starting Body Renovation is equal parts enchanting and frightening--I know I'm going to see the good, bad and ugly and be more amazing for it!

~Here's a fun one--let yourself be enchanted: Unicorn name generator: Mine is Tulip Pretty Mane--I'm a little bossy and pretty as a picture!

~I was super enchanted by my families generosity for me birthday--a SUPER EXTRAORDINARY Chocolate Cheesecake made by my brother Tim and Adobe goodness from my Dad and Jon.

I'm so blessed! It is good to be me!

What's enchanting you this week?

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  1. I am a member of Fourth Grade Friends, and I am compiling a list of e-mail address for Charity Preston. If you will shoot me an e-mail ( with your e-mail, I will add it to the list. :) Thanks, Mandy!